Research project to test usage loads and construction of sports fields in Victoria

09 Jan, 2017 01:45 PM

With increased usage of all sports field surfaces in Victoria including cricket, soccer, AFL football etc., the requirement for contemporary construction types that can cope with increased usage both in player numbers and hours of use and specific turf maintenance inputs has increased dramatically over the last decade.

Post field construction methodology and practices have also improved over the past decade. Turf maintenance practices and inputs advanced over this time.

However, with continued increased usage by user groups (cricket, soccer, football) on all playing fields, the STA (Vic), after consultation with its membership is looking for potential research service providers to undertake a research project titled “Comparing possible hours of use for different sports field construction types and maintenance inputs”.

The outcomes of this research will hopefully continue to improve upon the already existing practical and contemporary construction practices and maintenance regimes of sports field turf managers in Victoria

Whether it be construction of high specification elite sports fields or community grade grounds the intention is that the base of this research will be beneficial to all.

Responses are required by COB 25th January, 2017 and the start date for the project is 1st March 2017.

Contact: for the full brief go to the STA Victoria website:


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